Mango :

Variety: Alphonso, Kesar
Origin: India
Weight/Size: (+)200 gms
Color: Yellow
Packing Size (Kg) : 1 Doz/2.5 kg | 1 Doz/3.5 kg
Shipment by: Air/Sea


Availability: Round the year
Variety: Grand Naine, Cavendish
Type: A Grade Class, Premium Quality
Origin: Maharashtra (India)
Color: Yellow/ Green
Weight/Size: 15 to 20 Cm long from pulp to tip
Packing Size (Kg) : 13 & 18 Kg.
Weight Range per Hand : 3-4 Kg.
Weight per container : About 20 tons
Packing Type: Wash & pack with inner polythene cover for 13-14 C.
Shipment by: Air/Sea
Supply Ability : 20 Metric Tons per Week


Variety: Bhagwa
Origin: India
Weight/Size: (+) 250 gms
Color: Red/ Deep Red
Packing Size (Kg) : 03 | 05
Shipment by: Air/Sea


Variety: Sugar Queen, Sagar King
Origin: India
Weight/Size: 6 Kg
Color: Dark Green
Packing Size (Kg) : 7 | 10
Shipment by: Air/Sea

Muskmelon :

Variety: Kundan
Origin: India
Weight/Size: 700+ Gms
Color: Light Yellow
Packing Size (Kg) : 6
Shipment by: Air/Sea

Fresh Coconut :

Variety: NA
Origin: India
Weight/Size: +400 Gms
Color: Brown
Packing Size (Kg) : 25 Kg
Shipment by: Air/Sea

Grapes :

Variety: Black Shaved Seedless, Green-Thompson Seedless, Supar Sonaka.
Origin: India
Weight/Size: +16 mm
Color: Green/Black
Packing Size (Kg) : 4.5 Kg(Box) / 5.0 Kg
Shipment by: Air/Sea

Apple :

Variety: Royal Red, Fuji
Origin: India
Weight/Size: 0.2 Kg
Color: Red
Packing Size (Kg) : NA
Shipment by: Air/Sea